Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Senses of the Seasons

With shoulders bent and bundled, we trudged though a weary winter. Gradually winter eased its grip, and the ice and snow began to ebb away. But it seemed the days only reluctantly became longer, refusing to usher in the warm breath of spring. Cold, wet days plagued April and May. We were teased with short bursts of sunshine. Gardens were planted once, then twice, and sometimes a third time. It rained June in and summer was a fleeting wish. It rained in July, cold drenching rain.
But Mother Nature kicked in and she rocked the earth with hot weather!
Beans and carrots and beets and peas exploded from their trice planted rows in furious growth. Raspberries produced a bumper crop, and the the plum trees became laden with fruit.

And seemingly before it all began ~ the end of August arrived requiring long sleeves to ward off the chill of early morning and late evening.

The intensity of  a short summer has begun a descent to the fleeting and fragile beauty of autumn. We are beset with the spontaneity of seasons and they manifest in our senses.

Inhale  it ~ Drink it in ~ Feel it against your skin ~
Take it into your heart ~ Be Thankful.

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